Social Media Management

We provide strategic solutions that highlight your business' strengths and engage new customers.

Graphic Design

Your business' image starts and ends at your logo. Make it count. We will work with you to bring your idea to life.

Digital Promotions

Advertising your product isn't only a function of budget. We strategize before every campaign to capture the best result.

Website Development

Show off your business to thousands of customers. We provide a variety of solutions that are designed to fit you.

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Helping a business is not only a matter of advertising but a matter of trust. Your success is our success, so we do everything in our power to bring value to your company. We try to do everything with passion and a personal touch. All included we create the best solution to distinguish you from tough competition.

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Why foxmedia?

We are a team of young but knowledgeable designers & developers. We believe that digital marketing is a sector that lacks fresh prespective and enthusiasm that our company provides. Be rest assured that we put more passion than our competitors at a more affordable price.


We consider ourselves as result driven, putting resources in something that doesn't yield is contrary to our company's ethos. Constant analytics and statistics serve the role of feedback, making sure our work is steered in the right direction always.


We provide solutions catered specifically for your companies' needs, across a variety of different sectors. As such, let us work together to evaluate your needs and will work on a complete package that suits you best. Contact us below.


This is largely influenced by many factors, mainly your business' sector, your current brand awareness as well as your long term vision. For small businesses, a good rule of thumb is 1 month to see notable results.

Foxmedia is ready to help
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We are ready to
work with you

Social Media Management

We are pacing in the way of a fast transforming and high competitive environment amongst businesses throughout the market. If you want to stand out, you have to make the most out of your business. Having a solid online image is as important as having a physical shop sign. With social media, consumers have the power to access your business and thus, you can earn their trust and in order to achieve this, you have to acknowledge your costumers needs. We provide professional solutions to achieve this in the most efficient manner.

Maybe, changing your physical shop's sign doesn't translate into more sales right away. However, not having a sign will certainly lead to no sales at all. The same goes with social media. Your brand's image is everything.

Managing a social media profile for your business may seem straightforward, as you probably handle your own. However, engaging customers and translating views into paying customers requires know-how that we provide.

Digital Promotions / Ad Management

Digital promotion is sometimes necessary to increase the number of engagements & people following your page. You can invest as much as you wish in paid promotions, however, it's important to be consistent. Managing an ad can make it more efficient, by targeting specific customers who are more likely to purchase a product/service, which needs the guidance of a professional.

Some businesses are more well-suited for advertisments than others. Certain businesses, especially those with physical products, can't succeed without advertisment at all. 

The proper amount to spend depends entirely on your business, your target group etc. Advertising your business is an investment, the value of bringing a new customer should be higher than the cost.

The longer ads run for, the more efficient the algorithm becomes in detecting the proper target group, and not showing ads where the don't need to be shown. In general, a good rule of thumb, is one month.

Graphic Design

Capturing your idea and transforming it in a digital image will bring it to life. It is of high importance to illustrate to people what your business concept is about & show them with the most fascinating 3D designs such as Logos, Animated Videos, Posts & Gifs. We also create NFTs upon discussion.

We do everything from logos to GIFs and short videos. We work with you to capture your idea.

Our portfolio ranges across so many different sectors, that it would be impossible to view in our site. Contact us and we will show you projects relevant to what you need.

Website Development / E-shop Management

Building an e-commerce website is necessary to scale the amount of visitors to your business. We have an exceptional team of experts to build the most astonishing website for your business and leave customers a tailored experience to be remembered. Don't forget that including to that we help you with daily e-shop maintenance.

We do everything from small information pages, to full scale e-commerce websites. We also build business-specific APIs and solutions that suit you best.

Our developers are very experienced, however are ready to work for you to bring your idea to life in a cost-effective solution.